Meera sat on the verandah of Raghu’s ground floor inspecting the garden in front. There was a light drizzle that she was enjoying as she watched a few earthworms curling around in the garden soil. They were little creepy crawly things and Meera picked up a small stick lying on the ground to gently lift one of them up. “Hey mister earthworm, enjoying the rains are we?” spoke Meera playfully to the earthworm. soilRaghu’s mother was working in the kitchen, watching the whole scene with some amusement. As she heard Meera speak she said, “Yes Meera they are enjoying the rains, but they are also a huge help to us in the garden here.

Earthworms are a sign of healthy soil and they help increase the nutritive value of the soil. So earthworms are some of our favourite rainy season guests in the garden!”

 “Wow Aunti, I didn’t know that,” said Meera, as she put the earthworm back down and her eyes moved to a leaf on which a caterpillar was lazing around. “Aunti look a caterpillar on that leaf!” shouted Meera. Raghu’s mother and Meera tip toed to the leaf to look at the spectacular caterpillar that had come out on this beautiful rainy day.

As Meera ran back to the verandah, Raghu’s mother shouted – “Watch your step Meera! There is a small snail right next to the verandah stairs!” Meera looked to find a snail trudging its way around the staircase. “It’s back almost looks like a sea shell!” laughed Meera.

Busy in their excursions, Raghu’s mother and Meera didn’t notice as Raghu had walked into the garden to join them. “Come here you two, look at these tiny little things here that sort of look like caterpillars.” Meera and Raghu’s mother came over to see little pretty worm-shaped creatures with many many legs. “These are millipedes Raghu!” said his mother.

As they were busy in their findings the rain grew stronger and all three ran back towards the verandah to get cover. They sat for some time watching the rain silently as Raghu’s mother went to the kitchen to do some work. Some time later she returned with hot pakoras and tea!

“Wow aunti! You’re the best!” shouted Meera happily. “Yes, mother! What could be better than hot chai and pakoras on a rainy afternoon!” said Raghu. They laughed and talked until the rains stopped and the sky began to clear.

Evening had set in and the sun had come up for a last glimpse before setting. “Mother can we go out and play for some time?” said Raghu. “Sure, be home before its dark though,” said Raghu’s mother. As Raghu and Meera went outside towards the park, Meera looked up and shrieked. “Raghu look up!!! It’s a rainbow!” Raghu looked up and both of them gazed at the newly formed Rainbow with awe. They then proceeded to the park merrily singing and jumping over puddles.


The rainy season had a charm of its own. Everything seemed brighter, people seemed friendlier, the weather happier and life more beautiful. There was so much to enjoy and love about the rains!

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