By: Sudarsh Kansal (G1:2017)

My Youreka experience was never my choice, to begin with. It was a combination of my friend pushing me to join along with a small desire for adventure at the Tirthan Valley. I would love to make the same choice again and again.

My week with Youreka, began in the company of strangers other than my two friends. When the time arrived to leave the camp, I felt like I was leaving a chunk of me behind at the camp.

During my journey, I faced real challenges which gave me a strange thrill. A thrill which is hard to find in the tech-savvy city lifestyle.

The activities at the camp were an integral part of my camping adventure. The long treks and chilling water walk pushed me to my physical limits. Whereas the spooky night outs and frightening altitudes challenged my composure.

Yet it all made me a different person altogether on my return, a more confident, a better person and I wish to experience the same journey time and again.