By: Aaryan (G1:2017)

We left from Bengaluru on 15th April 2017 at 10.10 AM. It was a normal Saturday, I reached to the Youreka camp knowing only 4 people. I met few other people inside the airport and that was it.

I thought of it as a normal Youreka camp that I had attended twice before. The bus ride to Aut from Delhi was fun, and the MUV ride from there to the campsite was peaceful. We reached the camp at lunchtime.

The splendour and grandeur of the camp amazed me. The camp looked much more fun than the other camps that I had been to. The river right next to the campsite gave me an extraordinary feeling. The camp activities sounded exciting and participating in them was even more exciting by doing things like going down a natural waterslide, navigation, setting up our own campsite, night-outs, collecting firewood, cooking in the wild, bonfires, stream walk and so on.

It was a brilliant experience because these things cannot be done in the place I stay and in our daily life. The activities were fun, exciting and challenging.

The trip was memorable, but what made it more memorable was our instructors. They were caring, fun loving and very jovial. They made ordinary moments into something exciting and interesting and I will cherish these moments forever and I am sure will always bring a smile to me.

The second reason was the people at the camp. As I mentioned earlier I knew only 4 people when I was going there, but when I was leaving I knew 20 more. The people were the main reason the camp was so good.

I went into this camp as a shy and an introvert person and wouldn’t talk to people based on the 1st conversation, but at the end of camp, I was a changed person. I got to learn more about myself.

After a wonderful experience in early April of 2017, we left the camp on the 20th of April and had a pleasant journey back to Delhi very early morning on the 21st to take our flights back to Bengaluru.

I look forward to the next one and also for opportunities to meet all the new people I made friendship in the camp and I thank Youreka for making this the one the best till now.